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First Nations Film Festival (Virtual)

FanForce Films Onine Platform

Get ready to immerse yourself in the power of First Nations storytelling at the First Nations Film Festival 2023. This groundbreaking film festival is back to celebrate of First Nations culture, bringing together filmmakers, artists, and community to engage in meaningful live-chat discussions. And for the first time it will be online.


90 Seconds to Midnight Event

Tradies Dickson 2 Badham Street, Dickson, ACT, Australia

This launch event of an important new document ’90 Seconds to Midnight’  - the latest Journal from the Evatt Foundation - will include a panel discussion with: Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur - Senior …

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Yearly Meeting 2023: Integrity, Voice and Right Relationship 


Yearly Meeting will be accessible to Friends all around Australia as we gather on Zoom.  Starting on Saturday 1st July, there will be two consecutive long weekends (Sat-Mon and Fri-Sun) with one or two formal sessions on several days, Friendly School, Meetings for Worship, Home Groups and more.


End of Year Gathering – Turner Meeting House

CRQ Meeting House 17 Bent Street, Turner, ACT, Australia

Despite COVID, the Co-Clerks would like to invite CRQ Friends to gather for a pre-Christmas lunch at the Meeting House in Turner on Saturday 17 December at 12.30 pm.  We plan to invite the neighbours in Bent Street, as well as the Afghan refugees who are going to use the Meeting House for community gatherings in 2023.

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