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Who We Are

We Canberra & Region Quakers have created together a sense of home. When I come to a Meeting I know I am with those who have respect for the earth, other people and social justice.


We are a diverse community

We are a diverse and welcoming community comprised of members from all walks of life and differing perspectives...

We are a community of Quakers, or Friends as we also call ourselves, that live and worship in the Australian Capital Territory and Region, including Canberra, Bega Valley, Goulburn and Wagga Wagga.

A diverse and welcoming community, we are comprised of members from all walks of life and of differing perspectives. We represent an age range of 20 months to 96 years. Our members are of different races, gender identities, sexual orientations and faith backgrounds.

While we have our differences, we agree about the important things — truth, simplicity, peace, integrity, equality and care for the environment.

And so, together, we feel at home. But our sense of home is also a broad one as our focus is not just local, but also national and global.

We value friendships with Quakers around the country.

Nationally, Canberra & Region Quakers (CRQ) is part of the Australia Yearly Meeting (AYM). We value friendships with Quakers around the country and also work together on national issues that are important to us. CRQ currently hosts the nationally-based Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee.

We work with Quakers around the world on peace issues and other global concerns.

Canberra & Region Quakers (CRQ) members have forged relationships with Quakers around the world. For example, we are affiliated with the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) and are part of the Asia West Pacific Section. These connections make it possible for CRQ Friends to be in touch with Quakers internationally – enabling the growth of personal relationships and enabling us to work together on peace issues and other global concerns. We also have a Quaker voice at the Quaker United Nations Office, an organisation that is sponsored by FWCC.

As well, we network with non-Quaker organisations locally, nationally and internationally that share our concerns. Living in and near the Nation’s capital, of course, provides us with a unique opportunity to interact with government and members of Parliament regarding issues that are at the heart of Quaker beliefs.

You are welcome to join us any Sunday for Meeting for Worship. We would be pleased to meet you.

And do join us for refreshments after the Meeting.

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