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Palestinian Delegation – End of Year Newsletter

Ambassador Abdulhadi’s message…

“It has now been 75 days of Israel’s genocidal onslaught against the Palestinian people in Gaza, collective punishment, war crimes, crimes against humanity, forcible displacement, escalating violent settler terrorism, occupation incursions, and mass arbitrary detention of Palestinian civilians. But, in spite of being subjected to atrocities and suffering at a scope and scale shocking humanity, the Palestinian people remain firmly committed and determined to achieve their inalienable national and political rights, including the right to self-determination and the right to return. All attempts by Israel, the brutal occupying power, to destroy this vision and annihilate the Palestinian people as a nation have failed. They will continue to fail, because of the unmatched resilience, steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people.

The brutality of Israel’s illegal colonial occupation and apartheid regime, and its systematic policy of violence and naked power, enabled by the double standards of the USA and the Western block and the failure of the international community to impose a permanent ceasefire or act in the face of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, should not drag us away from our strong belief in the strength, nobility, and importance of international law. Israel is bullying, attacking, and intimidating any organization or individual who stands for the rule of international law in a desperate attempt to shield itself from accountability for its violations and crimes. Israeli exceptionalism and impunity must end, and its war criminals must be brought to justice before the International Criminal Court (ICC)

The reference for the Palestinian struggle must always be international law, United Nations legitimacy, and adherence to our unshakeable values of justice, equality and dignity. The world’s governments cannot ignore the strength of our cause precisely because it is deeply rooted in principles of international law and justice. The adoption of these principles by the Palestinian people is one of the core reasons for the historical and ongoing support and solidarity of international grassroots movements, civil society organizations, and oppressed, colonized, and persecuted peoples around the world. The Palestinian liberation movement has the capacity, history and experience to support a global agenda based on justice and collective liberation by building an international coalition against colonization, discrimination, persecution, and apartheid, to demand dignity, equality and justice based on international law, the multilateral system, and global democracy.

As 2023 comes to an end amidst the most difficult and devastating time in our modern history, thoughts of our brothers and sisters in Gaza never leave our minds. We are all praying for them, for their lives, and for their rights, and we are taking action by demanding a permanent ceasefire without further delay. All peace-loving nations and their leadership must be courageous and act immediately to stop Israel’s criminal assault and atrocities against our people in Gaza, to guarantee their safety, well-being, dignity, and survival. Time is running out.”

His Excellency Izzat Abdulhadi

Ambassador of the State of Palestine

Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific

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End of Year Newsletter from Palestinian Delegation – December 2023


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