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Christmas Message from the Children of Ramallah Friends School

“From Ramallah Friends School to the world we share our version of the timeless ‘Little Drummer Boy’. Our hearts come together in prayer for the safety of the children in Gaza. May our shared prayers echo for peace and justice, weaving a tapestry of hope that goes beyond borders, embracing the shared humanity we all hold dear.”

“Let the spirit of love guide us towards a future where humanity prevails.
Wishing you a season filled with hope and the enduring warmth of peace.”

Lyrics are printed below the video.


Look at the children of Gaza crying
The children of Gaza are dying from war
And the world is standing by watching
It can see but does not want to hear
It hears but doesn’t speak
Justice in this world is heartless
And it doesn’t speak
When can I dream of a world without fear
Where we don’t hear guns
Or worry about being bombed
I’m a child born to live not to die
I’m a child born to live not to die
Not to die
Not to die
Not to die
Gaza is calling my children
We want love, life and justice
We will create it with our own hands no matter what happens
We will build our country after destruction
Home after home, we are determined
Gaza is strong no matter what
We are determined
Oh heaven let it snow safety and peace.
May this Christmas bestow upon us the profound gifts of justice, peace and  unity.

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