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Quakers Call for Peace & Justice in Palestine / Israel

Quaker organisations and agencies internationally have called for renewed efforts to achieve peace and reconciliation between Palestine and Israel. Below is the statement from Quakers Australia. Click here to read or download statements from other Quaker agencies: Quaker Statements on Events in Israel and Palestine.

From : Quakers Australia, Presiding Clerk —

Quakers have a long-standing testimony to Peace. We seek to “take away the occasion for war” and deny that warlike activities can have any long-term benefit. We continue to support all those who seek peace and social justice in the Israeli and Palestine region.

As such we deeply regret the attack of Hamas on Israeli civilians and the consequent attack by the Israeli military on Palestinian civilians both of which caused massive death, destruction and injury.

It is important to acknowledge the humanitarian disaster in Palestine caused by the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the continual expansion of illegal settlements, eviction of Palestinians and the blockade of Gaza. We believe that peace is unlikely in the region while these injustices continue.

We acknowledge the imbalance of power between Israel and Palestine and ask that both sides use United Nations processes to establish justice and work towards a lasting peace in the region

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