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Take Action: Prevention and Punishment of Genocide in Gaza

From the Independent & Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN):

Honorary Professor Richard Tanter has recently made a complaint under the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986, No. 101, 1986, concerning the propriety of activities of the Australian Signals Directorate (IGIS), under Sections 4(a) and 8(2)(a) of IGIS Act. Details of the complaint were outlined by Professor Tanter at a 27 March 2024  webinar on Pine Gap and Gaza. The full text of the IGIS Act is here IGIS Act. See also resources below.

Professor Tanter is an Honorary Professor of International Relations at the University of Melbourne and a Senior Research Associate at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability. He has considerable experience studying and writing a series of technical and historical studies of the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, undertaken with two co-authors, the late Professor Desmond Ball of the Australian National University and the Canadian signals intelligence researcher Mr Bill Robinson.

Take action by going to the IPAN website and sending an automated letter or you can email the Attorney General via


This is the sample letter provided on the IPAN Website

Dear Attorney General,

I am writing to bring your urgent attention to a complaint made by Professor Richard Tanter on March 27 2024, made under Sections 4(a) and 8(2)(a) of the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986.

Some very serious concerns have been raised, as you would be aware, that as a direct consequence of hosting the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Australia may be in breach of its obligations under the 1949 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, both to prevent genocide (under Article I) and an obligation not to be complicit in genocide (under Article III(e)).

Professor Tanter’s submission raises credible evidence that the operations of the Pine Gap facility place Australia clearly in breach. I therefore urge your support in an investigation into these matters by the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, and to make the findings public with the greatest urgency.

I look forward to a response to this correspondence at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours faithfully


Other resources:

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