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Quaker Research Assn Conference UK: Quakers, Power & Minorities

Joint annual conference of the Quaker Studies Research Association and Centre for Research in Quaker Studies, Universities of Birmingham and Lancaster
Theme: Quakers, Power, and Minorities

Woodbrooke, Birmingham(UK) and online, 23-24 June 2023.

When communicating Quaker history and values to each other and to the world,
Friends have happily acknowledged the Religious Society of Friends as a minority
speaking truth to power. However, while many Friends were effective advocates
for change, recent re-evaluations have shown that Quakers also exercised
power  over people minoritised by colonialism and participated in enslavement.

This year’s QSRA/ CRQS conference considers Quakers, Power and Minorities. It
provides an opportunity to re-examine aspects of the Quaker narrative, and to
appraise the extent to which Quaker hagiography may have triumphed over
inconvenient detail. It is also a chance to reflect on the Quaker understanding of
‘concern’, and if or how local or national meetings support a Friend’s inspiration.

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