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Today marks 14 years since WikiLeaks published the shocking Collateral Murder video.

Yet, on April 11, Julian Assange, the man who revealed this to the world, will have spent five years in high security in Belmarsh Prison, London.

Julian is in Belmarsh because, and only because, the US Government wants to prosecute him for having published Collateral Murder and other extensive evidence of American war crimes.

On March 26, the UK High Court announced the outcome of Julian’s final application to appeal. The Court delayed its decision, requesting assurances from the United States.

“Today’s announcement represents the extension of the long and arduous 13-year process to have Julian released and returned home to Australia,” said Gabriel Shipton, Julian’s brother.

Further, the case sets a dangerous precedent for journalists everywhere.

A few days before the Court’s announcement, on March 23, Julian and his wife, Stella Assange, marked their second wedding anniversary. Let’s ensure this is the last wedding anniversary that they can’t freely celebrate together.

In February, the Australian Parliament showed its support for Julian when two-thirds of MPs, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, voted to bring him home. The Australian Government should honour this support, and intensify diplomatic pressure on the US Government to drop the charges.

Were the US Government to do so, Julian would be freed immediately.

In early March, Gabriel went to Washington D.C., where Congressman Thomas Massie invited him to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Gabriel hopes to travel to Washington D.C. again, to continue to persuade Congresspeople to support House Resolution 934, which calls on the US “to drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange”. His efforts have secured an additional two cosponsors and numerous commitments for the resolution.

We thank Australian fashion label Dangerfield, which has generously sent fliers and placed a pop up on its website encouraging customers to sign our petition to the US Ambassador, and donated shirts. We also thank Travel & Cruise North East for donating travel support and accommodation, Hot Stuff Merchandising for donating stickers, and PRIMEDIA Technology for donating a billboard.

With Julian’s health deteriorating rapidly, and just a matter of weeks until the Court may allow his extradition, Julian needs your help urgently.



Having gathered more than 100,000 signatures, we plan to deliver our petition to the US Embassy in the coming week. If you haven’t already, add your name TODAY! Julian is a political prisoner, whose case requires a political solution delivered by those with the power to free him.


Missed out on attending Night Falls in the Evening Lands: The Assange Epic? Don’t stress! Speeches recorded at the conference are now freely available to watch on YouTube.


We soared past 600 sign-ups last month! With each MP engagement, we increase the pressure on the Australian Government to publicly and strongly call for Julian’s release. Remember, our strength is in our numbers: more supporters means more influence. Act now for Julian, and spread the word to friends and family.

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In the coming weeks, Gabriel will travel to Washington D.C. to increase support in the Congress for House Resolution 934, which calls on the US to drop the extradition and charges against Julian, and affirms First Amendment rights.


Now’s the time to join grassroots actions for Julian! Groups are organising weekly events until he is freed. You can find upcoming events on the Assange Freedom Network site, which is a community initiative created for and by grassroots supporters of Julian Assange

Connect with like-minded people in your local area, or start a new group and add your event.
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