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FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Report 2022

(Image – EMES Youth Group)

The Europe & Middle East Section (EMES) of the Friends World Committee for
Consultation (FWCC) was established in 1938 and is the collective body for Quaker
meetings in Europe and the Middle East. All the members, yearly meetings and
groups affiliated to EMES are members of FWCC.

They publish a newsletter, Among Friends, three times a year and send out regular news emails to subscribers.
A small Executive Committee, assisted by the Executive Secretary and the
Communication & Program Officer, ensures communication within the Section
and with other Quaker bodies and individual Friends.

Each year EMES organises an Annual Meeting and Peace & Service Network Annual Gathering and regular online
events for Representatives & Role Holders, the Peace & Service Network, the EMES
Youth Group for 14-18 year old Young Friends and for International Members. EMES
is a member of Church and Peace and in 2016 was accepted by the Conference of
European Churches as an Organisation in Partnership.

Here is EMES Annual Report for 2022: FWCC EMES Annual Report for 2022

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