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Anti-AUKUS Coalition Protest Actions 14-24 March: An Overview

“The National Coalition is Calling For a United Front Against The AUKUS Military Pact and Nuclear Submarines and for a Broad Movement For Peace and a Nuclear Free Australia!”

The Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) is campaigning for an Australia that is committed to peace, justice and a nuclear-free world.

In Australia, this starts with acknowledgement of invasion, and solidarity with First people’s struggle for justice and sovereignty.

The national coalition is calling for a united front against AUKUS, nuclear submarines, a broad movement for peace and a nuclear-free Australia.

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Peace! – No AUKUS, No War!

Australia wide events and protest actions for Peace, end AUKUS, cancel nuclear submarines and mobilise against war.

14 – 24 March 2024

The 14th March marks the first anniversary of the joint meeting by US, UK and Australian leaders in San Diego endorsing the AUKUS military pact and launching the pathway towards Australia’s acquisition of 8 nuclear powered submarines. Shortly after, the Australian government announced that Australia would spend $368 billion on these nuclear submarines.

Nationwide events and rallies are being organised across Australia during 14-24 March to mark the anniversary of the announcement. Contact your local state or regional group for details, below.

Get involved. Mobilise and unite for peace, to stop AUKUS and scrap nuclear submarines.

Click here to view details of the Canberra Event

For more information on other local events contact your state – links below; or AAAC national contact:

AAAC national contact

NT (Darwin)         

QLD (Brisbane)    

NSW (Sydney)      

NSW (Newcastle)  

NSW (Wollongong)

VIC (Melbourne)  

SA (Adelaide)        

WA (Perth)           

For more Anti-Aukus information go here:
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