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Peace Group Wins Award for Stopping Weapons Expo

Message from Wage Peace Australia to Australian Quakers:

Dear Folks at Friends in Brisbane, Quakers Sydney and the Jan de Voogd Peace Fund and our other Friends friends who we hold very dearly,

I want you to be amongst the first to know that Wage Peace has been proclaimed as “Organisational War Abolisher of 2023” and we have won an award for our work stopping the weapons expo in Brisbane. And because of our other general work opposing militarism. World Beyond War have offered us this Global Peace Award.

I wanted you to know because it is really an award that belongs to the communities that we are part of. And the people of the Society of Friends are amongst our most beloved and faithful and courageous, always standing with us.

Below is the World Beyond War statement/media release.

There’s a short video about our work embedded in the statement.

There might be some way you can communicate to your broader society. But otherwise – nothing to be done except watch it break over the next few days on Twitter and other social media.

It should be noted that film maker David Bradbury has also received a lifetime award.

Best wishes, and with huge gratitude,

Margie Pestorius


David Swanson, World BEYOND War,, 1- 202-329-7847

Liz Remmerswaal, World BEYOND War,

Alison Broinowski, World BEYOND War,, 61 422 608 580

Zelda Grimshaw, Wage Peace Australia, 61 407 757 367

Margie Pestorius, Wage Peace Australia, 61 403 214 422

To read Media Release click here:World Beyond War Media Release



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