Newly Formed! Commission for the Human Future (Australia)

From our Friend, Professor Bob Douglas, Secretary of the Commission for the Human Future:

“Every single year the human species devotes $1.8 trillion to buy new weapons. And it devotes about $70 billion to developing better food and agricultural techniques. We are the proud members of a species that spends 25 times more on butchering ourselves then we do on feeding ourselves.”

I am attaching  a brief overview of what the Commission seeks to do and the report of our first Roundtable,  We  held our second Roundtable in late May on Food Security and I anticipate the Commission will be having a session on the nuclear threat some time this year.

I think we have to push to reduce our defence budget in favour of  a “surviving and thriving’ budget.”

Commission for Human Future Overview

Commission for Human Future Report – April 2020