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The Latest from the Assange Campaign Australia

The last month has been eventful and important in the fight to free Julian Assange.

12 July marked the date of the collateral murder tragedy in Iraq, which was later revealed by Julian and WikiLeaks, in which civilians including two Reuters journalists were gunned down by US forces. 25 July marked 13 years since the publication of the Afghan War Logs unveiling the true nature of US actions in Afghanistan.

Earlier that same day at a press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong in Brisbane, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken regurgitated unsubstantiated remarks about Julian’s case. Among a number of Australian MPs that dismissed Blinken’s statement, Independent MP Andrew Wilkie said, “… Mr Blinken would be well aware of the inquiries in both the US and Australia which found that the relevant WikiLeaks disclosures did not result in harm to anyone.”

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