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Asia West Pacific October Gathering in Hong Kong

FWCC Asia West Pacific | Section Gathering 19-23 October 2023

Exciting news – an opportunity for Friends across Asia West Pacific to meet up in Hong Kong in October! FWCC World General Secretary Tim Gee will  join us, as we explore the richness of our Section, our past and how we are developing, the opportunities for future fellowship, based on a deepening of our spiritual processes.

Some of the themes we will share together:

  • Cherishing one another, and our home (Connecting with Friends)
  • Providing means of subsistence, learning and participation (Connecting with Quaker processes)
  • Choosing to wear “the garment of Destiny” (Martin Luther King Jnr’s phrase) (Connecting with the future)
  • Respond with Hope: Living Adventurously (Committing to Plans)

Register here:

(If link does not work, please advise Adrian on  . I’m at the Friends Peace Teams Regional Peacebuilding in Luzon, The Philippines for several days, so it may be difficult to contact you – please be patient.

The aim of this Round is just to get the invite out to you, and urge you to come. I hope to send you a discussion paper on travel in a time of climate change shortly. Having simplified my working life recently, I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of the news of my travelling in the ministry in North east Asia, and Hong Kong, and now The Philippines. But for now, do seriously think about coming – or supporting someone from the Global South to attend.

May your meetings be gathered,

In Friendship

Adrian Glamorgan

Quakers in Asia West Pacific (FWCC AWPS)

Section Gathering Timing: Thursday 19th October – Monday 23 October 2023
Retreat Address: Salesian Retreat House, 21 Don Bosco Road, Cheung Chau, HONG KONG

For further information, contact us via, or text Adrian by phone or preferably WhatsApp +450732100
Cost: $460 AUD for twin share accommodation and food. There may be extra costs related to field trips.
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