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Urgent Challenge – Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

As Quakers we seek a world without war. We seek a sustainable and just community. We have a vision of an Australia that upholds human rights and builds peace internationally, with particular focus on our region. In our approach to government, we will promote the importance of dialogue, of listening and of seeking that of God in every person. We aim to work for justice and to take away the occasion for war.

June 2023
QPLC issued a Watching Brief (18-6) about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons adopted by the UN General Assembly in July 2017. In 2022 we issued an update about the first meeting of States Parties held in Vienna, Austria. Since then the international situation has become more dangerous, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has narrowed the measurement of global threat to ‘90 seconds to midnight’. The Evatt Foundation has published a valuable Journal (April 2023) outlining recent developments and analyses. This Brief is built upon the contributions to that Journal by a wide range of concerned people. It concludes with suggested action.

To read or download the full Watching Brief click below for the Word Version or PDF Version:

WB23-4 Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty – Word

WB23-4 Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty- PDF

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